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"great go to snack!"

by angie on 09/19/19

the original flavor is definitely one of my go-to snacks. it’s so hard finding treats that not only taste good but are gluten free, have a low sugar content, high in protein, and both delicious all in one.

"love these !!"

by caitlyn on 08/21/19

i received two of these in a muscle box subscription and absolutely loved them! they are a great treat with no fat and high carbs and protein which fits perfectly into my diet. cant wait to get more . thank you for making my life easier ❤

"best thing ever"

by alise on 05/31/19

first rice krispie treats are my all time favorite. i am also sensitive/allergic to nearly any sweetener artificial or "natural". i just started training for a 15k road race and found these treats at my gym the best tasting thing ive ever had high in protein. the best might be the original but the double chocolate is great especially for a chocolate craving, and the chocolate coconut is just like a mounds bar but with so much less sugar and so much more protein. these are the best post run carb snack with both simple and complex carbs. i'm digging these bars and i'm working on getting everyone i know hooked as well!